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From the 22nd to 27th of September 2017, Healthcare students from across the world converged at the Kigali Convention and Exhibition Village (KCEV) for the 7th World Healthcare Students Symposium (WHSS).

The World Healthcare Students’ Symposium (WHSS) is a biennial global multidisciplinary  summit that brings together healthcare students and healthcare professionals under one roof to learn, discuss and draw inspiration from eminent speakers, policy makers and renowned global health leaders through scientific, educational and cultural programs in a five-day long event.

The event is the world’s biggest student conference that brings together dental, medicine, pharmacy and other allied health sciences students in an international forum. The conference aims to generate discussion and understanding between the professions as well as develop skills and awareness of concepts in multidisciplinary working. Furthermore, the conference empowers the delegates to become advocates for a cooperative multidisciplinary approach to patient-centered care so as to optimize health outcomes. 

Under the theme, “Towards the SDGs Agenda 2030: The role of a multidisciplinary approach in healthcare,” this was the first time that the symposium was being hosted in Sub-Saharan Africa and what better way to mark that than have more than 1200 delegates from more than 35 countries from across the world are attending the Symposium.


It was also the first time that Kenya was in attendance of the said symposium and what better way to mark that than to have the biggest delegation of 100 delegates. The University Of Nairobi College Of Health Sciences was not left behind, having the most representatives in the Kenyan delegation.  Furthermore, its students actively participating in the symposium activities from Abstract Presentations, moderation of sessions to photography of the event. Below are images of our participation:



Morgan Muchemi, Level VI MBChB Student from the University of Nairobi with his Poster Presentation entitled, “Assessment of Bed Bug Infestation in Enkong’ Village, Narok County” 

Marie-Claire Wangari a Level VI MBChB Student from the University of Nairobi with her Poster Presentation entitled, “Knowledge and attitudes of doctors and medical students towards Kenya's Vison 20130 and the global sustainable development goals"


Some University of Nairobi Student attendees of the symposium

Marie-Claire Wangari a Level VI MBChB Student from the University of Nairobi moderating the Healthcare Financing Panel with Renee Dejong from Wemos, Dr. Claude Sekebaraga managing director of Quality & Equity Healthcare Ltd and Pharmacist Danny Mutembe from Pharmacy Conseil 

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