PHERT Bioethics training course 2019
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The Partnership for Health Research Training in Kenya (P-HERT) is a grant awarded to the University of Nairobi to develop and implement a Research Capacity Building Program at the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta and Maseno Universities to support Junior Faculty gain in-depth research skills and expertise in the fields of HIV/AIDS, Mental Health and Maternal Newborn & Child Health.

The program offers 2 year fellowship training to junior faculty at the University of Nairobi. Besides the core courses in epidemiology and biostatistics, the program offers short professional courses which are open to the wider body of faculty and postgraduate students

Among the short courses, the program implemented a successful training in Bioethics from 18-22 February 2019.

Bioethics is a 30 hours course that aims to strengthen bioethics expertise through training and by providing resources and information to researchers and students in biomedical and health research.

Participants were drawn from the P-HERT program epidemiology fellows, faculty from Kenyatta University and graduate students from the College of Health Sciences.

Expiry Date: 
Thu, 2024-02-29 (All day)