List of Departmental activities 2013
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Number involved

Program Management Training. Trained Health Personelle from Govt of Kenya Hospitals. 11th - 15th February 2013 32

M. Med Paediatrics and Child Health Curriculum Finalization and Consultation with Stakeholders

Ministry of Medical Services & Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, Kenya Paediatrics Association

27th February 2013


Dissemination workshop of MMed decentralized research at Mbagathi District Hospital (Ministry of Medical Services) Nairobi

27th March , 2013


Kenya Paediatric Association Precongress workshop "Critical Care in Children" at Sarova Whitesands Hotel, Mombasa 16th April 2013 200

Kenya Paediatric Association Conference at Sarova Whitesands Hotel, Mombasa

17 – 20 April 2013


University of Lusaka, Zambia MCH Visit to UoN CHS; Learning visit on PRONTO Training, PTCC Boardroom, School of Medicine, UoN

25 & 26 April 2013


MNCH Training at the Paediatrics Training Clinical Centre CHS, Nairobi.

Training of Health Personelle of the Ministry of Medical Services and Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation

20 – 25 May 2013


UoN / Kenyatta National Hospital Annual Scientific Conference at CHS, Nairobi June 17-18th 2013 180
Emergency Triage and Treatment Plus - distance learning e-curriculum development.  Windsor Hotel, Nairobi. Joint activity with Kenya Paediatric Association, Ministry of Health and UoN June 23 - 26th 2013 12

Dissemination Workshop of MMed decentralized research at Naivasha District Hospital, Ministry of Medical Services

26th  June, 2013


Curriculum Development "Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care" meeting a collaborative effort between UoN, Seattle Childrens Hospital and Gertrudes Childrens Hospital 5th August 2013 6

Planning meeting to develop curriculum on "Advanced HIV Clinical Care" between UoN, University of Maryland Baltimore, Kenya Paediatric Association and NASCOP

August 14th 2013 8


Activity type: 
Co-curricular Activities
Chair, Dept of Paediatrics and Child Health