Student Projects in Paediatrics & Child Health

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Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Prevalence Of Malnutrition Among Children Under Five Years Old Admitted At Hargeisa Group Hospital In Somaliland Dr. Ahmed Hodan Suleiman 2012/2013 View Details
Prevalence And Factors Associated With Irrational Use Of Antimicrobials In Children At The Knh Nbi, Kenya Dr. Ekenosarafina 2012/2013 View Details
Prevalence Of Acute Kidney Injury In Critically Ill Children At Knh Dr. Cecelia Ndukumuithya 2012/2013 View Details
Prevalence Of Hyponatraemia In Children With Pneumonia Admitted At Knh Dr. Eunice Nyambura 2012/2013 View Details
Audit Of Management Of Diarrhoea Among Children Aged 2 To 59 Months Admitted To Garissa Provincial Hospital (gph), Kenya Miriam Weru 2013 View Details
Effectiveness Of Pmtct At Naivasha District Hospital: Outcomes Of Hiv Exposed Infants Dr. Emily Kamau W. 2013 View Details
Prevalence Of Low Birth Weight Babies And The Associated Maternal Risk Factors At Naivasha District Hospital Dr. Ithondeka Angeline Wanjiru 2013 View Details
Adherence To Pneumonia Guidelines For Children 2-59 Months At Garissa Provincial General Hospital Dr. Catherine Mutinda. M. 2013 View Details
Time Intervals From Symptom Onset To Diagnosis And Treatment In Childhood Cancer At Knh And Associated Factors Dr. Edith W. M. Opala 2013 View Details
Barriers To Optimum Management Of Malaria Among Children Under Five Years Dr.maureen Muriithi, 2013 View Details
Adherence To Newborn Resuscitation Guidelines In Garissa Provincial Hospital Dr. Samuel Otido 2013 View Details
Prevalence And Factors Associated With Diarrhoeal Disease In Moderate To Severely Malnourished Dr. Phoebe Wamalwa 2013 View Details
Audit Of The Current Standard Or Ca Re For Children Aged 6-59 Months Admitted To Mbagathi District Hospital Dr. Ann Kamunya 2013 View Details
Risk Factors Associated With Presence Of General Danger Signs In Children Who Present With Acute Severe Illness At Knh Dr. Kalisa Michael 2013 View Details
Missed Diagnosis Of Malnutrition In Children Aged 6-59 Months Attending Health Care At The Mbagathi District Hospital Dr. Sophia Mwinyishe 2013 View Details
Association Between Finger Clubbing And Chronic Lung Cancer Disease In Hiv Infected Children At Knh Dr. Samuel Rutare 2013 View Details
Breastfeeding Practices During The Neonatal Period Among Mothers Delivering At Naivasha District Hospital Dr. Evelyne Agisa 2013 View Details
Prevalence And Factors Associated With Missed Opportunity For Immunization In Children Attending Paediatric Outpatient Clinic At Juba Teaching Hospital Dr. Adut C. Malual 2013 View Details
Effectiveness Of Bacillus Clausii In Reducing Duration Of Illness In Acute Diarrhoea In Children Aged 6-59 Months Of Age Admitted With Severe Hydration Dr. Brian Maugo 2011/2012 View Details
Prevalence Associated Factors And Outcome Of Acute Kidney, Injury Among Children And Adolescents Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery In Nbi Dr. Kaisser Fitzwanga 2011/2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Hyperglycaemia In Paediatric Patients On Systemic Corticosteroid Therapy At Knh Dr. Cecilia G. Maina 2011/2012 View Details
A Study Of Prevalence Of Intestinal Parasites In Preschool Children In Kibera Nb Dr. Laura B. Oyiengo 2011/2012 View Details
Blood Lead Levels Among Infants And Children With Rickets At Knh Dr. Immaculate W. K. 2011/2012 View Details
Glycemicconrol And Its Association With Diabetic Retinopathy In Children And Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus At Knh Dr. Muhia M Wanjiku 2011/2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Neonatal Hyperglycaemia In Neonates Admitted To The New Born Unit At Knh Dr. Caren M Wambui 2011/2012 View Details
Pattern Of Admission, Care And Outcome Of Neonates Managed In The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit At Knh Dr. John Baptist Nkuranga 2011/2012 View Details
Caregivers Knowledge And Home Management Of Fever In Children Dr. Koech Priscilla Jepkorir 2011/2012 View Details
Maternal Knowledge And Practice Of Porridge Preparation And Storage In The Home Dr. Kiragu Elizabeth 2011/2012 View Details
Profiles Of Children Referred To Knh With Acute Imci Listed Illnesses Dr. Irene Mbwaviwasilwa 2011/2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Stunting In Patients On Treatment For Nephritic Syndrome At The Knh Hospital Renal Unit Dr. Edahnjuguna 2011/2012 View Details
Nutritional Status Of Paediatric Burn Patients Hospitalised At Knh Using Anthropometric Measurements Dr. Doreen K Mutua 2011/2012 View Details
An Evaluation Of Nutritional Support Given To Critically Ill Children Admitted To Paediatric Wards And The Intensive Care Unit At Knh Dr. Wairimu Kimani 2011/2012 View Details
A Short Longitudinal Survey Describing The Use Of Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure In Premature Neonates With Respiratory Distress Syndrome At The Aic Kijabe Hospital Dr. Omodinganastacia 2011/2012 View Details
Outcomes Of Severely Malnourished Children Aged 6 To 60 Months On Outpatient Management In Nbi Dr. Grace M. Nalwa 2011/2012 View Details
Hand Hygiene Practices Among Health Care Workers In The Knh Newborn Unit. Dr. Sera Kajujungugi 2011/2012 View Details
Masters Projects In Paediatrics And Child Health View Details
The Spectrum And Short Term Outcome Of Home Based Injuries Among Children Presenting To Knh Dr. Patrick M. Mburugu 2011 View Details