Message from the head of Department
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Prof. Elizabeth Maleche Obimbo

MBChB, MMed(Paed), MPH (Epid), CPulm(Paed)

Welcome to the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health of the University of Nairobi. This Department was established in 1967 at the inception of the Medical School, initially providing undergraduate paediatric training. Subsequently in 1973 a postgraduate Masters of Medicine degree in Paediatrics & Child Health was launched, and has expanded over the years our current capacity where we train ~20 paediatricians annually from Kenya and the region.  Our graduates are equipped with knowledge and clinical skills relevant to address local child health problems, provide leadership of clinical paediatric and child health services, and be involved in training and research.  Previous graduates of the Masters of Medicine (MMed) in Paediatrics and Child Health programme have functioned well as clinicians, administrators, international policy makers, academics and researchers.  Collectively they have greatly influenced child health in Kenya and beyond.


Our academic faculty includes paediatricians with subspeciality training in neonatology, nephrology, cardiology, pulmonology, epidemiology, HIV and infectious disease, critical care, endocrinology, neurology, gastroenterology and haematology. In addition to academic training we are regional leaders in research in paediatrics and child health, providing evidence that guides local and international child health practices.



Prof Elizabeth Maleche Obimbo

Chair, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health