On the 22nd to 24th March 2023,Twenty two pediatric residents were trained and qualified to be the new ETAT+ and newborn ETAT+ trainers. The postgraduates of UON have been key in scaling up sustainable ETAT + and Newborn ETAT + training of all the undergraduates who qualify from UON. They have done this since 2008, many of you have participated in the ETAT+ UON pre service training. Many thanks, we appreciate you.

In this training, 5 pediatric residents qualified as full GIC instructors of ETAT+ and Newborn ETAT+. Congratulations; Dr Gillian Muiruri, Dr Jane Nyawira, Dr Ahmed Kashif, Dr Maria Gerald and Dr Rono Sinikka. Many thanks to our medical educator Mr. Conrald Wanyama and Dophine Mochache who supported the UON team.

Lastly there were celebrations to welcome the newly elected UON ETAT + coordinator Dr Irene Ngenzi and her deputy Dr Daisy Aluso. My heartfelt gratitude to Dr Mercy Kamene the outgoing ETAT+ coordinator and her deputy Dr Gillian Muiruri for their exemplary leadership. During their tenure we equipped the skills lab and taught the largest class for undergraduates.

To all ETAT+ trainers many thanks for selflessly supporting the pre service ETAT+ training. Thank you to all residents for ensuring clinical services continue uninterrupted during the ETAT+ training. God bless you all.