‘Climate change and Environment: Understanding the impact on Paediatric practice to secure our Children future’. This was the theme for this year's Kenya Paediatric Association Annual Scientific Conference held from 25th to 28th April 2023 in Pride Inn Paradise Hotel, Mombasa.

Attending this year’s Conference is an opportunity I thank God for. I am truly honored to have been given the prestigious 2022/23 Hillman’s Medical Professional Award which included a scholarship to attend the KPA Annual Scientific Conference. This is an award given to the Master’s student in Paediatric and Child Health, University of Nairobi, who is voted by his/her peers as having demonstrated outstanding professional values in Year 1 of the Master’s Programme.

During the conference, I was enlightened on how directly climate change does impact our children. Deliberate and urgent attention needs to be drawn to its impact on our environment and future generation. Sitting at the gorgeous and serene beach on the coast of Kenya listening to the waves of the sea and the blowing wind, I wonder what humanity has done to this beautiful planet. We need a change, and it does begin with me! It begins with you! It begins with all of us!

2022 was a year of joy laughter and tears all with the same measure, now looking back, I thank God for the year it was as it has brought me to this day. My late Dad taught me the importance of working hard and doing right by the doctrine set, he was a great man in his small way. He taught me the valuable lesson of putting my best foot forward despite all adversities. He also taught me the importance of hard work and to always remain objective in what I do.

So first I would like to thank my colleagues who elected me for this award.  I believe they had seen the potential in me. I would like to give all my gratitude to the Chair of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, my Professors and Lecturers and my mentor and my lecturers and mentor for pushing me out of my comfort zone. These people have been my second family and given me their love and support throughout my first year.  Finally, I would like to thank Rose Charities Canada for supporting this award, as this motivates good leadership and professionalism in the practice of Paediatrics.

A parting shot to all the residents and students let’s work hard and smart to safeguard the future of our children and future generations. Once again thank you and May God bless you!