Objective of the Programme

The Fellowship in Neonatal Medicine is a Clinical Fellowship program is designed to provide the learner with advanced knowledge and understanding of principles of evidence-based care, clinical skills, as well as professional and ethical behaviour essential for the practice of neonatal medicine.


The proposed Fellowship in Neonatal Medicine is in line with the University of Nairobi’s philosophy which is guided by the need to provide leadership and inspire the Kenyan society based on a strong sense of patriotism.  The programme is designed to train academically oriented leaders in the field of neonatal medicine using best practice and cutting-edge scientific approaches that prepare the learners to work at the forefront of their field. The proposed curriculum is benchmarked on international standards with deliberate adaptation to ensure local relevance especially in the area of community neonatology. 


Rationale of the Programme

Neonates contribute disproportionately towards child mortality in Kenya, and other low and lower-middle-income countries.  The Neonatal Mortality rate in Kenya is 22 per 1000 live births and progress towards addressing this has been unacceptably slow. As part of the measures to reduce infant mortality and neonatal mortality, the Kenya government proposes to increase the number of paediatricians trained in neonatal medicine. Such neonatal specialists will take leadership in the comprehensive care of sick newborn babies.  The proposed program, the first of its kind in the East African region, will, therefore, play a key role in addressing Kenya’s and the region’s need for neonatologists.  




The fellowship training  program will cover a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 calender years.

Mode Of Delivery

The course shall be delivered through participation in clinical sessions, lectures, seminars, tutorials, case conferences, clinic-pathological conferences, journal clubs, case reports, practical demonstrations, supervised clinical work, and self-directed learning, routine clerkship, grand round participation, delivery room care, resuscitation case presentations, journal article review and discussion, specimen collection watching/assisting/performing procedures, whose complexity is within expected skills participating in management of complicated cases. 

Admission Requirements

The common admissions regulations for Postgraduate Fellowship training at the University of Nairobi shall apply. 

Individuals eligible for admission into the program shall, in addition, fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Hold a Masters of Medicine degree in Paediatrics and Child Health of the University of Nairobi or equivalent qualification from an institution recognized by the University of Nairobi Senate.
  2. Be eligible for registration with the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya.
  3. Applicants whose language of instruction for the basic medical degree was not English, will be required to show evidence of proficiency in English language such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) certificate.
  4. Possess a valid professional indemnity cover during the full period of training.
  5. Possess a certificate of good conduct from the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board or equivalent body from the county of origin for foreign candidates.
  6. Pass an application and interview process. 

Applicant are required to register and apply online through the link below

Click Here To Apply

There is one intake per academic year in the month of September.




P.O.BOX 19676-00202

TEL NO : 0204915046

Email : dept-paediatrcs@uonbi.ac.ke


Career Prospects

At the end of this training students will specialize in new-born medicine. 






Notable Alumni

1. Dr Felistas Makokha

2. Dr Maureen Muriithi

3. Dr Sarah Ngugi Kujuju

4. Dr Priscilla Koech

5. Dr Patricia Muriithi 

6. Dr Simat Koriata

7. Dr Dan Araro

Year 1

Composite Fee                          Fee in Kshs.

Registration fee                          Kshs 2,000.00 

ID card                                       Kshs  500.00 

Tuition fees                                Kshs. 250,000 

Supervision                                Kshs 6,000.00 

Written exam                             Kshs 5,000.00 

Computer fee                             Kshs 5,000.00 

Activity fee                                Kshs 2,000.00 

Medical fee                                Kshs 5,000.00 

Library                                       Kshs 3,000.00 

Caution money                           Kshs 5,000.00

Total fees year 1                       Kshs. 283,500


Year 2

Composite Fee                         Fee in Kshs.

Registration fee                         Kshs 2,000.00 

ID card                                      Kshs  500.00 

Tuition fees                               Kshs. 250,000 

Supervision                               Kshs 6,000.00 

Written exam                            Kshs 5,000.00 

Computer fee                            Kshs 5,000.00 

Activity fee                               Kshs 2,000.00 

Medical fee                               Kshs 5,000.00 

 Library                                     Kshs 3,000.00 

Total fees Year 2                     Kshs 278,500.00 


Other charges

  1. Late application fee: Kshs.4,000.00
  2. Extended registration period: Kshs.3,000.00 per annum
  3. Extended correction period: Kshs.1,000.00 per three months
  4. Extended revision period: Kshs.3,000.00 per annum
  5. Extended supervision: Kshs.6,000.00
  6. Examination for revised project report: Kshs.9,000.00
  7. All fees due should be paid before registration can be affected


Fee Structure for Foreign Students

Year 1

Composite Fee                               Fee in USD

Registration fee                               $25

ID card                                            $6.25

Tuition fees                                     $3,125

Supervision                                     $75

Written exam                                  $62.5

Computer fee                                  $62.5

Activity fee                                     $25

Medical fee                                     $62.5

Library                                            $37.5

Caution money                               $62.5

Total fees year 1                           $3,543.75


Year 2

Composite Fee                           Fee in USD

Registration fee                           $25

ID card                                        $6.25

Tuition fees                                 $3,125

Supervision                                 $75

Written exam                              $6.25

Computer fee                              $6.25

Activity fee                                 $25

Medical fee                                 $62.5

Library                                        $37.5

Total fees Year 2                       $3,481.25


Other charges

  1. Late application fee: $50
  2. Extended registration period: $37.5 per annum
  3. Extended correction period: $ 12.5 per three months
  4. Extended revision period: $37.5 per annum
  5. Extended supervision: $75
  6. Examination for revised project report: $112.5
  7. All fees due should be paid before registration can be affected
  8. Foreign fellows to add 25% on all the charges

*Fees for international fellows from countries outside the Partner states of the Northern Corridor Integration Project (Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan) add an additional 25% on all charges. Other international students will pay an additional 50% of the fees.